ANSWER EACH QUESTION 100 WORDS MIN EACH 1. Nice run down. You state When the letters on

1. Nice run down.
You state, When the letters on the anthrax outbreak were circulated, there was a lot of disruption.
What was the deal with the anthrax letters?
Who sent them?
do you think that state and local agencies should continue to have their own intelligence fusion centers where they assemble and analyze threat information as well as have access to citizen’s private data that state and local agencies typically retain?

You state, during this covid-19 season, the healthcare sector needs to share information to understand the effectiveness of their management strategies. Also, through sharing information, the country understands the rate of growth of covid-19 cases, giving room for decision making.
This shows a critical linkage between sectors.
Are there other examples that we are seeing during the pandemic between sectors?

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