APA format, in-text citation, reference include, 1 page evaluated compassion,

APA format, in-text citation, reference include, 1 page

evaluated compassion, empathy, policies, financial models and other topics / stakeholders in the health care system that seem to be contrary to one another. However, these all work together in the healthcare ecosystem under the concept of do not harm and care for the health of others. This complex situation brings up many ethical and policy issues. 

 consider the stakeholders and the following guiding topic: 

  • Which important healthcare policy affecting healthcare access would you as a healthcare executive or policymaker want to focus on immediately? Locally in the United States or globally. 
  • Who are your stakeholders on the step of needs assessment, policy-making, regulatory implementation, and oversight
  • Discuss 1-2 of primary and secondary stakeholders and provide an explanation of why you believe these are the key players in the process.
  • Substantiate your ideas with data and scholarly unique research support (population health data such as current access to care, populations, geography etc. are good credible statistics to research)

To answer this question, consider the ideal healthcare policy and that resources are limited.

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