Are all maps political, or is a neutral, objective map possible?

Description Try to dissect this question into its parts. These parts can then function as separate essay sections. Make sure, however, that you interlink and bridge the sections to support your argument. The answer to the question is your central argument. The central argument should be announced in the introduction, substantiated throughout the body of the text, and reiterated in the conclusion. The question requires you to engage with the relevant literature. A good place to start is the material from 4 ‘World(s) and Earth’. Have a look at the slides and core readings of that week, but make sure to extend your engagement with the literature. Have a look at Harley’s seminal paper ‘Deconstructing the Map.’ This should provide you with a solid basis to assess the representational power of maps. Consider using choosing a case study (e.g. the Mercator projection) to further support your argument. It is often best to keep the numbers of case studies/ examples low. You don’t have time or space to engage with too many examples. A discussion of one or two cases allows you to provide depth to your analysis

#maps #political #neutral #objective #map

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