Birth Defects

Child & Adolescent Psychology – Assignment # 2 (30 points) Type of Assignment – Submit online –Paper Description: Discuss birth defects – (see APA template for formal papers) approximately 500-1000 words or 2-3 pages. Before you begin this paper, read over all of the parts. The paper should be a combined, coherent paper, not one that just answers questions. This paper should have a title page and reference page on separate pages (APA style) ⦁ Use the book to help you learn about various birth defects ⦁ What is a birth defect? ⦁ Choose 2 birth defects. ⦁ Explain how it happens (environmental/genetic/both). ⦁ Are there ways to avoid it? ⦁ What does it look like? ⦁ What part of the child does it affect? (social, emotional, physical, and cognitive) ⦁ Make sure you are using the book and an outside source ⦁ This paper requires 2 references (your book can be one) ⦁ Use a citation and reference at the end in APA style. ⦁ Please attach the rubric *Helpers for Writing (DEA) ⦁ Define and Explain all terms ⦁ Apply the terms (provide examples that people can understand) BOOK: Child’s World: Infancy Through etc (w/Bind-in Access)(Custom-BCC) Author: Martorell Edition: 13th ISBN: 9781308163918 Copyright Year: 2014 Publisher: McGraw-Hill Create (Formerly Primis)

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