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Develop a comprehensive training design plan for the fictional organization, CapraTek. Base your training design on the CapraTek: Training Needs Assessment simulation, which is linked in the Resources. If you have not yet viewed this simulation, do so at this time. For your project, write a 10–15-page paper in which you complete the following: Given the scenario presented for CapraTek in the simulation you viewed, identify the training topic, and explain why the employees would be required to participate in this training. Explain how the training will meet the strategic needs of CapraTek. Identify the specific objectives for this training program. What will the trainees need to know or be able to do? Select an appropriate training needs analysis method for the scenario. Apply the selected method to identify the following: What the trainees should know pre-training. (Provide your source for this.) What the trainees already know and how you will uncover this (test, interview, questionnaire, et cetera). Share a sample of the questions you would use. Recommend a design for your training program, including the following: Resourcing for the instructor: Internal or external, and why? Location of program: What type of setting—off site or on site? Why? The timing of the program: How long will it be? Will it be completed all in one session or over time in partial sessions? Instructional strategies for presenting the content of the training. Strategies for encouraging active participation and practice for the trainees. Methods for providing feedback on trainee’s practice. Create an evaluation plan for determining the effectiveness of the program. Requirements Written communication: Communicate your thoughts in a manner that conveys the overall goals of the assignment and is consistent with current APA standards for style and professionalism. Number of pages: Your paper should be 10–15 typed, double-spaced pages. References: The paper must include a reference list. Include at least 3–5 references from current peer-reviewed journals. Format: You must use proper APA style in listing your references. Write your paper using Microsoft Word, not Works or Word Perfect

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