Cyberspace and Electronic Warfare Operations, Technical Information

Specified Instructions:  Your white paper must accomplish the following objectives.

Describe and evaluate a technology or technology adaptation applicable to a current and/or future communication structure of the United States Army (Only Army).  It may assist you to identify and describe a particular process or capability set that is in some way operationally deficient, as a precursor to evaluating a technology solution.

Illustrate requirements, benefits to operational objectives, synergies with existing systems and advantages, as well as possible disadvantages of the solution.  You should use the aforementioned and other similar paradigms as a part of this evaluation. 

Align the paper with FM 3-12 (Cyberspace and Electronic Warfare Operations), by using at least two (2) specific references from the FM to help illustrate the Cyber implications of your topic.

This paper shall conform to APA formatting and use Times New Roman, 12-point font with one (1) inch margins.  It will be constituted by four major sections:  the Title Page, Abstract, Main Body, and References.

This paper shall be no less than 1500 and no more than 3200 words in length (not including the title page).  You may include graphics, tables and charts as appropriate to support the information within your paper, but they will not count towards the word count requirement.

This paper shall contain no less than three (3) valid, reliable, and correctly referenced and cited sources.

This paper shall be aligned and written with a technically competent audience in mind; this is not an executive summary.

This paper will be used to not only evaluate your research and writing ability, but also your technical competence and mental aptitude.

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