Discussion 2 – Interpersonal Health Communication

Answer the following questions in separate paragraphs using the Chapter 7 – New Technologies and Health Communication PDF File . You will be evaluated on clarity of writing and the relevance of your examples……..1) There are a multitude of websites that allow people to track their health-related behavior. For example, Sparkpeople.com is probably the largest online community dedicated to nutrition and fitness. Have you (or Has anyone you know) used Sparkpeople.com or a similar website for fitness purpose?……….2) What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of using such websites for personal health management (e.g., tracking food intake, exercise, weight, and other health goals)?……..3) What factors do you think will determine people’s success in meeting their fitness goals?……….4) Do you think technology such as a fitness website plays an important role in helping people achieve their fitness goals? Why or why not?

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