Engagement activity: Carr, Jaffer, & Smuts (2009), “Capabilities

After reviewing Appendix 3 of Carr, Jaffer, & Smuts (2009), “Capabilities of online facilitators,” assess your own strengths and weaknesses in relation to the facilitator capabilities. You will submit your work in a Word document, and your response should be between 700-1000 words.

For each of the 5 capabilities (supporting online learning, social skills, online communication skills, technical skills, and social networking skills), use the information in Appendix 3 to decipher whether you consider yourself to be a beginner, intermediate, or expert. In at least one paragraph for each of the 5 capabilities, describe why you see yourself that way and brainstorm a few steps you might be able to take to improve. (I’m at a beginner’s level)

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