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California, Colorado, Texas, and Louisiana (writer choice on which 2) Power Point Presentation This will only be submitted, it is not a live presentation The students should consider the following: • Identify two states in the United States (1 Slide) • Identify the political processes that determined how food is produced, regulated, distributed and consumed (2-3 Slides) • Know the various roles of the government (local, state, national) in the food system (2 Slides) • Explain the effects of contemporary issues like obesity, hunger, energy, gender, age, race, rural versus urban, oil, economics, GMs (3-4 Slides) • Recognize the factors that influence food supply (2 Slides) • Provide data, tables, graphs, etc (3-4 slides) • Local Organization (2-3 slides) • Bibliography in CMS slides or MLA (1-2) For this PowerPoint assignment, students will need to identify two states regarding food security. Define food security. Identify how government defines food security. The states’ variables: food security, sovereignty, access, distribution, food safety, health issues associated with food, gender, race, age, rural versus urban, etc. Data is required. Students should be able to pull data from the states’ government, U.S. government: USDA, FDA, Farm bill, schools, SNAP, Feeding America, etc. (These are examples of sources, there are plenty more sources for you to research). You will demonstrate research skills. Do not forget to use Chicago Manual of Style or MLA in your assignment. Follow the organization below: Use accurate grammar and mechanics; including spelling. Do not use 1st person (I/mine/my). Do not use 2nd person (you/your/yours). Your assignment will be graded based on your ability to clearly communicate your understanding of the information from the country.  use the writing center. Your assignment will be graded as a college assignment. Do not use dictionaries, encyclopedias, textbooks, Wikipedia, blogs, newspapers, and other similar sources of information and websites.


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