For this assignment, you will review a series of pictures

For this assignment, you will review a series of pictures and consider whether each represents neglect. There are not necessarily “right” or “wrong” answers; your grade will be based on whether you offer sound explanations for your decisions. Follow the instructions below to complete the assignment.

  1. Review the Pictures of Neglect slide presentation. The arrow keys or the player controls in the lower-left corner of the screen will allow you to navigate forward and backward through the presentation.
  2. Based on these slides, create a document including the following information for each image:
    • Image number (not the slide number).
    • Your opinion: “Yes, this represents neglect” or “No, this does not represent neglect.”
    • Two or three sentences explaining your choice. You should refer to relevant details in the photos, but you may also offer theories or possible explanations for what is shown.

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