For this post, I’d like you to do some googling

For this post, I’d like you to do some googling and:

1) Find a cultural artifact (e.g.., an advertisement, short music video, meme, etc.) that represents some aspect of human sexuality.   Then,

2) Choose an article from this week that you want your peers to use as “lens”  to analyze the representation of sexuality in that particular artifact.    (For example,  maybe you find a Coors Beer Gay Pride ad.  Or you see a McDonald’s commercial and you want to use Valenti’s  “Cult of Virginity” article.   I don’t know if this commercial exists, but hey.  Be creative.  Find interesting or boring artifacts; remember not all of them have to be blatantly “sexual” for sexual subtexts (and presumed norms, values, etc) to be present.)

This post (i.e.,  your artifact and the article you want us to use to analyze it)  DOES NOT COUNT as one of your two required posts for this thread.

3)  Scroll through your peers’ posts.   Choose two.   Use the concepts from the selected reading to help you analyze the artifact.   This is a text-based analysis and should not be based on your opinion.   After engaging with the original text, you’re welcome to include opposing perspectives from other articles.   (i.e.,  maybe that hypothetical McDonald’s ad isn’t really about virginity and controlling women’s bodies but might be better understood using a queer lens from another reading.  Just a thought.)

Be smart.  Be creative.  Show us that you’ve read and are able to use the concepts from the readings to make informed arguments.

Everyone should have three posts on this thread:   One (1) post with your artifact and article  +  two (2) posts that engage with your peers’ artifacts/readings.

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