Giving an example as if I was a hostage inside

Giving an example as if I was a hostage inside of a bank being robbed, I would not feel safe knowing that a cop is deaf. I would have freaked out knowing that if I try to run away for my life, that cop could shoot at me thinking that I would have been a criminal just because the medical conditions of that cop. I like the fact that the police departments want to include people with some deficits at work. The thing is I would not consider them as ready to become cops since they would need special requirements. I would prefer to know that this people could be working in an office at the police department or any other positions which is not being a cop. The standards should be modified in order to stay with a team of police officers without special conditions capable to act in any situation. People with disabilities would not be able to attend to special missions or run behind criminals since this could be a threat for an officer. An officer must be capable to act in any situation of danger and know how to react based on what this person sees or hears. I keep my point on saying that individuals with disabilities should not be part of the police department working as an officer. 

Identify two posts by your peers that you might disagree with and respond to them. For each of your two peer responses, be sure to:

  • Include an explanation of why you disagree with their initial post. Use respectful language to politely disagree.
  • Include at least three questions about your peer’s initial post to further their thinking on the topic.

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