Global Marketing assignment Whisky to Latvia


This assignment is challenging, as you would expect from a Level 6 unit and the research is time consuming. You are able to post questions to the discussion board, or email me with queries. I would also encourage you to work together in groups on the research, HOWEVER you must of course write up the material individually.


The key to achieving a good mark is:


  • undertaking a thorough search of the literature (on the consumption of whisky, adaption and standardisation of product, Latvia and market entry)
  • evaluating the key points from that research
  • providing well evidenced justifications for both your key points and recommendations.


Part 1 (1000 words)


This is the most theoretical part where you need to show you understand the debate about standardisation and adaption of product. In order to answer this you will need to know the differences between Latvia and Scotland, particularly any similarities or differences in culture, but also there may be different laws or differences in the way the product is used, which will influence whether to standardise the product strategy or not. You only need to discuss Latvia in terms of the product strategy here as this country is the focus of part 2.

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