How did other European monarchs, such as Peter I of Russia, try to

How did other European monarchs, such as Peter I of Russia, try to imitate the absolutism of Louis XIV of France? To answer this question effectively, you must define absolutism and discuss the absolutist policies of Louis XIV of France. The structure should be similar to: 1.intro (define absoltuionism) 2.lous xiv abolutism 3.other monarchs (ie. peter the great) and how they mimic louis xiv, Also, use these journal entries in the essay -Bishop Burnet, “Peter the Great” and Jean Rousset de Missy, “Life of Peter the Great”: Burnet, “Peter the Great” -hot tempered -brutal, intense -heavy drinker -not well-educated but intelligente -mechanically inclined- physical labor -interested in ship building- navy -military genius -plot by sister to over throw him -ruthless, violent Jean Rousset de Missy, “Life of the Peter the Great” *reforms on fashion -concerning men’s beards: russian men to cut their beards or pay a tax (middle & upper merchant) emulate facial hair fashions of western europe -concerning clothes: gold & silver additions. could no longer dress “oriental” fashion. must adopt french fashion (nobles & other courtiers). women should wear english hairstyles. -mingling between men and women at entertainments gatherings -want to modernized russia along western european lines -example of absolutist rule

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