How has culture influenced the emergence of art over the centuries


1) this is a research proposal that describes a crossed cultural study designed to examine a psychological question. 2) In the proposal a) a brief introduction to the question they wish to examine leading to a statement of the aim of the study, including a short literature review, and b) a method section in which they describe sample characteristics and, sampling procedures (including how to recruit participants), and the research design. 3) no results section. only if words are left, mention briefly. however, the main focus is the methods and the material section. 4)strictly use the guidelines mentioned in the powerpoint slides on how to write and what should be included in a cross-cultural study for psychology in the proposal. 5)use reliable academic sources like journal articles books. 6) from the powerpoint use one or more approaches. 7) focus on the social cognitive approach – slide no 4 – (Powerpoint from the attached file )

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