Investigate the development of “popular” music genres. With the growth

Investigate the development of “popular” music genres.  With the growth of the blues and jazz came the harder-edged electric sound that developed into “rock” music.  As part of your study, popular music and its derivatives should be explored from the roots of the western European tradition (classical-based music) to confluence with the blues and jazz.  As you work through your discussion, focus on features that distinguish each style.  Work to develop your “descriptive” analysis skills to better articulate musical elements of different types of popular music.  Lastly, you should begin to formulate your understanding of the development of popular music styles from earlier music genres by citing specific instrumental or vocal features.


Write a discussion of 800 words on the topic below. Use footnotes when citing sources and include a bibliography.  Make sure to use the following naming convention

Provide a musical analysis and discussion of 3 of the works listed in the readings. What unique musical features are similar and/or different in these pieces? What is the role of instruments and vocals? How is the groove set up and sustained? What is the overall form of the piece, and how does it communicate its message? What can you say about how the instruments are used? In particular, how are the brass and bass (if present) used and do they have separate but unified purposes? Characterize the vocal delivery. What overall styles are used?

Book used 

Crawford, Richard, and Larry Hamberlin. An Introduction to America’s Music. 3rd ed. New York: W.W. Norton & Co., 2018. ISBN: 9780393668285

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