Isaiah chapter 40-66

 1. True or False The main theme of chapters 40-66 is truth. 2. True or False The herald (John the Baptist) called upon Judah to “clear the path” for the Messiah. 3. True or False The representation of Christ having blue eyes and blonde hair is partially accurate. 4. True or False The zodiac is merely a concoction of man and is not based on Scripture. 5. True or False Isaiah 41:1-4 is a double reference prophecy with final fulfillment in Christ. 6. True or False The four kinds of anti-Semitism are: poetical, Ecclesiastical, social, and philosophical. 7. True or False The “little worm” of Isaiah 41:14 is Satan. 8. True or False Isaiah 42:1-4 refers solely to Jesus Christ. 9. True or False “A bruised reed shall He not break.” Refers to Christ’s goodness to the weak and helpless. 10. True or False The “isles” stand for Europe, America, Australia, and the “far off” heathen nations.

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