Journal Articles. Students must select, read and write a synopsis

 Journal Articles. Students must select, read and write a synopsis of ONE journal article in the field of Early Childhood Education.  Choose an article from the categories listed. The articles must be current within the last five years (not earlier than 2012) and must be from an early childhood education or teacher education journal.  • Read each article carefully before attempting to write a summary and application to your work and/or chosen work.  • For each article, write the about the article and a summary of the article in APA citation format.  • Analyze and indicate some practical application for you professionally and/or personally for the information presented in the article. you.  The summary should be approximately two pages Microsoft Word document, double spaced (12 point font). A rubric is attached for your review. 1. What does it mean to be a professional in Early Childhood Education today? 2. Contemporary issues in Early Childhood Education. 3. What is Developmentally Appropriate Practice? 4. What is preschool and its benefits (short- and long-term)? 5. Who is the preschooler and what is he/she like? 6. Strategies for teaching young children based on current research and thinking. 7. Strategies for effective parent/family collaboration with Early Childhood educators, 8. Collecting child assessment data for analysis and decision-making 

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