Kimi’s Mdsa02 Annotated bibliography

Kimi’s Mdsa02

1: Select 3 Academic Sources for your TERM PAPER. This means considering your POSSIBLE topic. Topics come from all weeks from the second half of the course: 1. TELEVISION 2. HOLLYWOOD CINEMA 3. GLOBAL CINEMA 4. DIGITAL MEDIA AND THE INTERNET 5. ADVERTISING MEDIA 6. GAMING, VIRTUAL REALITY and the FUTURE OF MEDIA Step 2: Write an Annotated Bibliography (1-2 pages) and Follow “Example 2” below. End by saying how the source will help your essay. Sources should not come from our course readings. Step 3: List your 3 sources, with the short paragraph underneath each source, just like the one above that lists McIvor and annotates her source. Your Annotated Bibliography should have 3 sources that you plan to use for your Term Paper, with a paragraph under each. Word or PDF format. You will upload it to Quercus March 12. Use academic language

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