Managing Stakeholder Relationships: Examine methods for measuring the

Basing your response on Scenario A, your own experience of managing stakeholder groups or on an organisation you know well or have researched: Write an account which uses examples to propose how stakeholder relationships should be managed. The account must:

i. Analyse the role of the manager in managing stakeholder relationships (AC3.1)

ii. Evaluate the use of collaborative working techniques which can be used to manage stakeholder relationships (AC3.2) iii. Examine methods for measuring the impact of stakeholder engagement on organisational performance (AC4.1) Guidance for completion of Task 3

• The account should include sub headings. You may choose to include tables and diagrams (as appropriate). • Your discussion should be underpinned with relevant theoretical principles. • You are encouraged to base your response on scenario A or consider the use of well-chosen examples identifying stakeholder groups from an organisation you may have managed, know well or have researched. • Please refer to the indicative content for each assessment criteria (AC) outlined in the unit specification.


You have been managing the stakeholder group for two months and there has been a commitment to a date by all members to fully engage in the process to review customer services. Research commissioned to determine how and where changes to customer services could be made has been completed. To the surprise of the stakeholder group this has included some unexpected results which have caused conflict between group members and in turn with representatives of the organisation.


The customers who are representative of the organisation’s customer base are at loggerheads over the recommendations. The last stakeholder meeting became very difficult to manage and needed to be drawn to a close due to the level and nature of conflict between members. This included: • Claims the changes would contravene regulatory and legal frameworks (i.e. Equality Act 2010) • Conflicting interests between stakeholders in relation to balancing the profitability and sustainability of services with increasing customer demands • The perceived lack of empathy shown by internal stakeholders to external stakeholders and inflexibility to make concessions.

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