Modernism and its Reflection in Virginia Woolf’s ‘To the Lighthouse’,

Modernism and its Reflection in Virginia Woolf’s ‘To the Lighthouse’, (1927)

Paper details Q1. Provide a general description of the the tentative project ( the titlesubjestpurposemethodology) and give a brief review of the studues you have conducted so far in this area by refering to some resources? The following are general guidelines for thesis proposal below: a. introduction : ( in two or three paragraphs present your disertation topic and indicate reserch questuons you will be investigating . You may also refer to the generl problem or phenomena you will be exploring) b) Literature Analysis Review : ( Locate you topic in the broader scholary literature refering to earlier studies related to your topic. This analysis should be natually lead you to the significance of your research) C. Significance of your Research Questions: ( You should try to clarift the thesis statement of your dissertation . Explain the overall aim of your disserattion and the significance of your research . What contribution will your research make to the field? D. Research method : Explain the theory you will be using as a tool . Summarize the theory very briefly and give reaon why you will apply this theory . E. Tentative Dissertaton outline: ( Please provide a draft of how you will organize your dissertation giving the title of chapters. F. Tentative schedule for completion : ( Try to project your timeline,specifing when you plan to defend your dissertatio

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