PART A Written Communication Netiquette refers to the correct or


Written Communication

Netiquette refers to the correct or acceptable way to write, send, and deliver messages on the internet. After reading about written communication in your webtext and reviewing the Quick Tips for this week (Top Ten Things to Consider…Before Hitting Send on That Email), identify how you would use those written communication techniques in response to the scenario below:

Your coworker, Kevin, sent an email telling your supervisor that you were not doing your part on a project. He also sent you an email filled with insults and profanity about your work ethic and performance. How might you respond to Kevin in a professional way?


This week you learn about the importance of setting incremental goals to motivate teams to work towards a larger goal. In addition, you learn about backwards planning and review the SMART goals from Course 1 and how these same ideas have an influence on motivation.

Please complete the following. Think of a professional long-term goal you have for yourself right now, and answer these questions about it:

  • How would you break that goal down into smaller short-term goals?
  • How would accomplishing these short-term goals help motivate you toward achieving your long-term goal?

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