Revise to discuss Target stores as a company Assessing Opportunities for Adding Value at Microsoft Rosiland Young University of Phoenix Dr. Louay

Revise to discuss Target stores as a company

Assessing Opportunities for Adding Value at Microsoft

Rosiland Young

University of Phoenix

Dr. Louay Chebib

Management 576


Organization Overview

Strengths and Weaknesses

Assessment of External Environment

Opportunities for Adding Value

Economic Value

Social Value

Environmental Value

Recommended Opportunity



Description of the Organization

Microsoft leads global tech innovation for decades.

Diverse presence: software, hardware, cloud services.

Pioneer in shaping the digital landscape.

Continual innovation defines Microsoft’s trajectory.

Tech giant’s influence spans various sectors.

Microsoft’s impact resonates across the globe.

Driving force behind digital evolution worldwide.

Microsoft, a global technology giant, has been at the forefront of innovation for decades (Fairbank, 2019). With a robust presence in software, hardware, and cloud services, Microsoft continues to shape the digital landscape.


Strengths and Weaknesses (Strengths)

Renowned brand and diverse product offerings

Dominant market presence across various sectors

Competitive advantage driven by significant strengths

Market leadership bolstered by Microsoft’s prowess

Diverse product portfolio enhances brand recognition

Renowned brand amplifies Microsoft’s market dominance

Strategic advantages propel Microsoft to leadership

Microsoft possesses significant strengths, including its renowned brand, diverse product offerings, and dominant market presence in various sectors (Yang et al, 2022). These factors contribute to its competitive advantage and market leadership.


Strengths and Weaknesses (Weaknesses)

Diverse strengths counterbalanced by critical vulnerabilities.

Overreliance on Windows OS threatens market stability.

Mobile technology gap undermines Microsoft’s potential.

Competitors intensify pressure, demanding strategic adaptations.

Vital to mitigate risks for sustained growth.

Innovation imperative to broaden technological footprint.

Adaptation essential for maintaining industry relevance.

Despite its strengths, Microsoft faces challenges such as overreliance on Windows OS revenue, limited presence in mobile technology, and intense competition from industry peers (Yang et al, 2022). Addressing these weaknesses is crucial for sustaining growth and relevance.


Assessment of External Environment (Trends)

Cloud computing revolutionizes storage and accessibility.

Cybersecurity demands prompt proactive protective measures.

Artificial intelligence integration enhances operational efficiency significantly.

Microsoft’s strategic position capitalizes on trends.

Innovation fueled by embracing emerging technological advancements.

Evolving customer needs steer Microsoft’s adaptive strategies.

Market leadership solidified through trend-aligned innovation.

The external environment presents several trends shaping the tech industry, including the rise of cloud computing, cybersecurity concerns, and the integration of artificial intelligence. Microsoft can leverage these trends to drive innovation and meet evolving customer needs.


Assessment of External Environment (Unmet Needs)

Enhancing accessibility through affordable broadband solutions.

Tackling sustainability issues with innovative technology solutions.

Expanding market reach through impactful social initiatives.

Bridging digital divides with accessible broadband access.

Leveraging opportunities to create positive social change.

Empowering communities through affordable and sustainable connectivity.

Fostering inclusive growth with accessible technology solutions.

Addressing unmet needs such as accessibility, affordable broadband access, and sustainability presents opportunities for Microsoft to expand its market reach and create positive social impact.


Economic Value

Expand cloud services, tapping into market demand.

Embrace subscription models for steady revenue.

Monetize data analytics, unlocking new profit streams.

Capitalize on economic opportunities for sustained growth.

Drive revenue by leveraging Microsoft’s strengths.

Enhance profitability through strategic business decisions.

Innovate to stay ahead in dynamic markets.

Microsoft can capitalize on economic opportunities such as expanding its cloud services, embracing subscription-based models, and monetizing data analytics solutions to drive revenue growth and profitability.


Social Value

Invest in digital literacy: Empower marginalized communities.

Bridge the digital gap: Ensure equal access.

Promote diversity: Embrace varied perspectives and talents.

Foster inclusion: Create equitable opportunities for all.

Expand social impact: Strengthen community bonds.

Build inclusive societies: Nurture collaboration and understanding.

Microsoft’s role: Pioneer change through concerted efforts.

By investing in digital literacy programs, bridging the digital divide, and promoting diversity and inclusion, Microsoft can enhance its social impact and contribute to building more inclusive societies.


Environmental Value

Microsoft invests in renewable energy solutions.

Reducing carbon footprint through sustainable practices.

Environmental conservation via innovative product designs.

Packaging reflects commitment to eco-friendly initiatives.

Microsoft prioritizes renewable energy adoption.

Carbon footprint reduction integral to company strategy.

Environmental stewardship guides Microsoft’s sustainable initiatives.

Microsoft can drive environmental value by investing in renewable energy, reducing its carbon footprint, and adopting sustainable practices in product design and packaging, thereby contributing to environmental conservation efforts (Moon & Parc, 2019).


Recommended Opportunity

Microsoft can excel by prioritizing sustainable data centers.

Leverage cloud service expertise for eco-friendly infrastructure.

Align initiatives with pressing environmental concerns effectively.

Reduce carbon emissions through innovative data center solutions.

Meet growing demand for environmentally conscious IT services.

Foster eco-friendly practices within the tech industry.

Lead by example in sustainable infrastructure development.

A recommended opportunity for Microsoft is to focus on building sustainable data centers, leveraging its expertise in cloud services (Tursunbayeva, 2021). This initiative aligns with environmental priorities, reduces carbon emissions, and meets the rising demand for eco-friendly IT solutions.



Microsoft can create value by leveraging strengths.

Addressing weaknesses will enhance overall performance.

Capitalizing on opportunities in external environment crucial.

Embracing sustainable practices ensures long-term viability.

Fostering social inclusion strengthens community relationships.

Driving economic growth is imperative for sustainability.

Solidifying position as leading technology innovator paramount.

In conclusion, Microsoft has the potential to create significant value by leveraging its strengths, addressing weaknesses, and capitalizing on opportunities in the external environment. By embracing sustainable practices, fostering social inclusion, and driving economic growth, Microsoft can solidify its position as a leading technology innovator while making a positive impact on society and the environment.



Fairbank, N. A. (2019). The state of Microsoft?: the role of corporations in international norm creation. Journal of Cyber Policy, 4(3), 380-403.

Yang, L., Holtz, D., Jaffe, S., Suri, S., Sinha, S., Weston, J., … & Teevan, J. (2022). The effects of remote work on collaboration among information workers. Nature human behaviour, 6(1), 43-54.

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