Secondary Research, Focus Group, Ethnographies and In-Depth Interviews

Secondary Research What are some cases when conducting secondary research would be most appropriate? What are some cases when secondary research would be inadequate or least helpful? What are some sources of secondary information? What are their strengths and drawbacks? Feel free to use examples you have encountered in your own professional or academic lives. Focus Groups Describe Même (French makeup brand for women who have cancer) marketing challenge that could be helped by conducting focus groups. What types of questions would you like the moderator to ask? What type of respondents should be recruited? What elements should the report contain to ensure that it is actionable and relevant to the problem being addressed? Ethnographies and In-Depth Interviews (IDI’s) Think about your upcoming focus group project.

Let’s assume that prior to conducting the focus groups, you’ve decided that you’d like to do some ethnographic interviews or IDIs to get some background. With whom would you conduct your interviews? If you think ethnographies might be more insightful, where would you conduct them (in people’s homes, in a place where they use or purchase the product, etc.)? What are some questions or themes that you’d like to explore? Sampling What are some issues to consider when determining an appropriate sample size? When is a sample not large enough? Can a sample be too large? How would you go about determining an appropriate sample size for a quantitative project?

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