Survey Versus Questionnaire

Consider that while often regarded as synonymous, surveys and questionnaires are different types of instruments. What are the differences? Using the unit readings as well as resources available in the Capella library, locate one survey and one questionnaire that inquire about the same topic or subject matter, such as job satisfaction or employee motivation. In your post, address the following: What are the similarities and differences between these instruments? Why use one instead of the other? REFERENCES: Use your Doing Research in a Business World text to read the following: Chapter 14, “Questionnaires.” Chapter 19, “Unobtrusive Measures.” Eynon, R., Fry, J., & Schroeder, R. (2008). The ethics of Internet research. In N. Fielding, R. M. Lee, & G. Blank (Eds.), The SAGE handbook of online research methods. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Godlove, T. (2012). Examination of the factors that influence teleworkers’ willingness to comply with information security guidelines. Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective, 21(4), 216–229. Holm-Hansen, C. (2006.). Choosing the right questions [PDF]. Retrieved from,%20Fact%20Sheet.pdf Ramshaw, A. (n.d.). Writing the perfect customer feedback survey invitation [Blog post]. Retrieved from

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