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Select and evaluate three (3) print-based texts that can be used to teach the same topic or concept (comprehension skill/strategy or vocabulary). You are required to select 3 read aloud texts on the same theme or topic and submit a text critique analyzing the use of these texts in developing students’ critical thinking skills in language and literacy. Choose texts that are informational (Science, Math or Social Studies) and narrative. Conduct an analysis of the texts and explain how they can be used to support students on different reading levels. Use the same text from the read aloud to initiate further research and analysis into your texts can be used to enhance students’ critical thinking in literacy. During your analysis draw upon Bloom’s taxonomy and Webb’s DOK and explain how the texts can be used to promote high levels of thinking through questioning. Your analysis should also include connections to theories and recent research in literacy. For instance, you can connect to Paiget and explore how the text can be used to support student inquiry and prior knowledge. the 3 selected books are 1.Chrysanthemum by Kevin HenkesHenkes, K. (1991). Chrysanthemum. New York: Greenwillow BooksIn this small book, Henkes allows readers to experience how anxious one soon to bekindergartener is to start school. This 32-page fiction book projects into the themes of identity and change. Chrysanthemum, goes to school for the first time and learns that her name is a lot different than the other kids, and she struggles with learning how to accept it until shemeets someone with another unique name! 2.Countdown To KindergartenMcGhee, A.. &Bliss, H. (2007).Countdown to kindergarten. Orlando: Harcourt.In this small humor book, McGhee allows readers to experience how anxious one soon to bekindergartener is tostart school. This 32-page fiction book dives into the themes of identity, changeand friendship. Along with the bright illustrations, this book also uses word bubbles;which teacherscan use to introduce wordsto their students. This book isgreat for easing the pains of starting kindergarten for children. 3.Martin’s Big WordsRappaport, D., &Collier, B. (2007).Martins big words: the life of dr. Martin Luther King,Jr.New York: Jump at the Sun -Hyperion Paperback for Children.In this non-fiction book, readers get a brief biography on one of the world’s most influentialleaders. With 40 pages of both words and illustrations, Rappaports book allows young readers to learn about King’s legacy with it’s simple and direct language. Readers will explore the themes of identity, friendship, change and belief.

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