The Construction of Manhood and/or Patriarchy

 For this paper you must choose at least one* of our early theorists (Rousseau) and write an essay in which you make an interpretative argument regarding the role his understanding of one of the following themes plays in his political thought: • [The Construction of] Manhood and/or Patriarchy GUIDELINES/RUBRIC: 1. Your paper must have an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement that provides a clear, complete, and direct answer to the question: “What role does [concept x] play in the political thought of [thinker y]?” 2. The use of outside sources is not permitted. You may include critiques of these theorists from the syllabus (include Brown, Pateman, and Mills), but there’s no need to look elsewhere. If you’re interested in more general knowledge about any of the thinkers visit their respective pages on The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Note: If you’re looking up Mill, make sure you’re looking at the page for John and not his dad, James…it will mess you up. 3. Your paper will be evaluated by the following criteria: clarity and thoughtfulness of the central argument (including a clear thesis statement in the introduction); the organization of your paper as a defense of your thesis; the depth of engagement with the course readings; and basic writing mechanics (grammar, punctuation, avoidance of sentence fragments and run-ons).

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