The dogma of the Theotokos(Mary, mother of God) as solemnly defined at

There are three Topics:The dogma of the Theotokos(Mary, mother of God) as solemnly defined at the council of Ephesus in 431 AD. 2.The doctrine of the veneration of Icons as solemnly defined at the second council of Nicaea in 787 AD. 3 The dogma of papal infallibility as solemnly defined at the Vatican 1 council 1869-1879 AD Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details PLEASE THIS IS A THEOLOGY CLASS Please dear writer there are there Topics you can just chose one that is best for you .i have provided the three topics in the additional material that i have attached

 Please follow instructions as provided by including End notes and bibliography. Also MOST IMPORTANTLY THE INSTRUCTOR WANTS US TO SHOW HE THE SOURCE ARTICLES WE USED TO WRITE THE THESIS SO PLEASE IF YOU CAN SEND ME THE BOOKS WITH THE PAGE SO I CAN SHOW HIM . TAKE YOU TIME TO WRITE AS YOU CAN SEE THE DEADLINE IS APRIL 15TH. i have attached the Three Topics to chose from also the check list that must be met before submission and also attached are example of how the endnotes and bibliography would be like. DO NOT INCLUDE COVER PAGE. 

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