There are many ways to use PowerPoint effectively and efficiently

There are many ways to use PowerPoint effectively and efficiently to allow your presentation to be professional. One of the best practices is creating a good and clean theme that brings the presentation together but that doesn’t distract from the actual information. This includes having contrasting colors between the text and information from the actual theme itself, that way your audience is able to focus on the text, charts, pictures being presented. Another best practice to use is to have short and sweet slides. To make a really great PowerPoint presentation, keep the slides short to avoid boring your audience and losing their interest (Laura, 2019). We don’t want to have loads of information in paragraph form on our slides, that can be distracting to the audience as they are trying to pay attention to you but also their eyes may be mixed on the saturated slides. The point of the powerpoint presentation is to have short points (i.e. bullet points) and then during your presentation, you elaborate on all of the bullet points listed.

One of the features I see as most helpful is the ability to use different themes and layouts, this can allow for so much creativity within the presentation and give it character to support the information. I think one feature we should try to limit is the repeated use of many transitions. By using multiple transitions, it may seem overused and can add that distracting feel to the presentation we don’t want the audience to feel. I plan on setting up my presentation to allow a clean and crisp presentation that is straight to the point but that is also visually appealing and easy on the eyes so the audience can focus on the information. I don’t want the audience to feel as if they are being bombarded with information. 

Laura, S. (2019, April 18). How to Create Great PowerPoint Presentations (With Top Examples). Retrieved June 20, 2019, from–cms-31975 (Links to an external site.) 

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