This weeks discussion is worth 56 points. This Weeks Discussion Post For this weeks discussion please respond to the following:

This weeks discussion is worth 56 points.
This Week’s Discussion Post
For this week’s discussion, please respond to the following:
Complete the Marketing Vehicles Table, identifying the marketing vehicles you will use to reach your customers.
Be sure to include the cost of each marketing vehicle.
Add any additional notes under the table.
Delete the italicized examples.
Marketing Vehicles TableMarketing VehicleFrequencyCost/Month
Example 1
Social Media: Facebook and Instagram
2–3 times per week$600 per month
Example 2
TV Stations: Local Station, WTC
1 time per week$1,000 per month
Example 3
Free Samples
2 events$500 per month

Copy and paste the Marketing Vehicles Table into the discussion area.
Complete the Setup worksheet in the Business Plan Financials Excel Template according to the instructions in the guidelines.
Snack Food Company Guidelines [DOCX].
Company of Your Choice Guidelines [DOCX].
Input the marketing vehicles’ costs into the appropriate areas of the Marketing Budget
worksheet in the Business Plan Financials Excel Template.
Attach the entire Business Plan Financials Excel Template to the discussion thread before clicking Submit.
Post at least one substantive comment to another student’s post.
Textbook Chapter 10, “Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy,” pages 163–194, provides additional detail about this topic.
You will use the:
Marketing vehicles information from this post in your Week 5 assignment, Marketing Plan and Budget.
Information from the Setup and Marketing Budget worksheets in Section 2 of your Week 5 assignment.
If you are new to Excel, you may want to view these LinkedIn Learning courses on working with Excel. These courses focus on performing data entry in Excel.
Build Your Foundation in Excel [Video].
Getting Started with Microsoft Excel [Video].
You may also find these LinkedIn Learning courses on how to interpret a business’s financials useful:
Finance Essentials for Small Business [Video].
Finance for Non-Financial Managers [Video].
Finance Foundations for Solopreneurs [Video].
You may also find Stephanie Morrows article Cost of Marketing: What Is the Average Budget? on how to set up a marketing budget helpful to complete this discussion and your Week 5 assignment.
Important notes:
1. Complete the table in Word and then copy from there and paste it in the discussion window.
attach the Word document to the discussion window.
Only the Excel will be attached.
With your response, include a brief description of your company: name, what business you are in, and the products or services you offer for sale.

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