You will have a choice in the assignment this week.

You will have a choice in the assignment this week. You can either do a case analysis or respond to the questions below from Chapter 25. Please select one and not both to complete.

1.Can we confine our arguments about health care efficiency to organ transplants, or can one argue that other types of medical treatments and health care services are also scarce?

2.Is the shortage of organs available for transplant one health care problem that could be solved by unlimited funding of the health care system?

3.What is the justification underlying laws restricting or offering payment for transplant organs?

4.What legal distinction is there between selling organs versus human tissues, blood plasma, ova, and sperm?

5.What practical considerations support or detract from legally regulating organ procurement and transplants?

6.Would it be permissible to remove the organs of healthy, deceased prisoners to save the lives of five to eight others who need organ transplants?

7.Under what circumstances might palliative sedation facilitate organ transplants?

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